Contractor/ Bidder

Thanks for helping on our project and taking time to learn about how Moscow Affordable Housing Trust creates affordable homeownership opportunities. The Trust is a 501.c.3 non-profit.

The Trust does not want to create poorly constructed houses or to ask you to work below a fair wage. We make value for our buyers through your pride and craftsmanship. We also give our buyers value by investing in quality: energy efficiency, durable materials, and thoughtful design.

Our home buyers are members of the local workforce. They are households with a steady income, who pay their bills, have good credit, and can qualify for a bank loan. Our buyers may be your friends, neighbors, co-workers or employees. They will occupy their home and, like other owners, are more likely to contribute positively to their neighborhood and city.

The Trust is beginning to use a new approach to creating affordability -- the Community Land Trust concept allows us to retain ownership of the land and sell only the improvements. This can reduce the purchase price significantly.

Another of the ways we hope to keep our houses affordable is by making them smaller or by creating a portion to be completed by the owner (eg unfinished basement).

A small house doesn’t fit every family’s needs, but there are smaller households that would like a starter home. Local builders are not creating smaller homes, perhaps because it is not economical. The Trust does not depend on profit from the real estate transaction, so we can work in the small house market niche. We hope to increase housing options without hurting the business of for-profit developers.

The Trust does not depend on volunteers. Our goal is to use local contractors and businesses. We hope you give us a fair price and that we will be doing more business in the future. If you would like to make a donation by reducing your charges, thank you. We would be happy to recognize that with a letter you can use for tax purposes.